Welcome West Coast Builder

When you take those all-important first steps towards planning and having your dream home constructed, there is no room for error or doubt. As a professional and qualified West Coast Builder, you can count on excellence in all that we do, from renovations and additions to new builds or electrical and plumbing installations.

Extensive Experience

West Coast Builder has extensive experience in all areas of building, whether you’re transforming an existing space or are building with the vision of a new structure. There are so many dynamics that exist when considering a West Coast builder that you can trust – you need clear communication, a dedication to the task at hand and a builder with the skill set to properly execute your building plan. Our builders will work to your specifications in order to ensure that your home renovations, remodeling jobs, boundary walls and restorations are completed timeously and faultlessly. Our project planning capabilities allow us to connect with you as our client, in order to understand exactly what you require from us, and to deliver just that.

Industry Professionals

As a home or business owner investing in property improvements along the West Coast, you look towards the guidance of industry professionals to deliver building services that are aligned with the latest technologies. Our West Coast Builder services include setting out excavations, the making of built-in cupboards, kitchens and wall drops, formwork such as slabs and beam works, tiling, slabbing and roofing.